playing with 5D mkII and mushrooms

Pawel Olas · May 09, 2011 · photography · 3 comments

Being Sigma user I quite often dream about switching to a camera with a larger sensor. Every now and then I look at some older photos shot on film and the DOF is just so much nicer there. So i took 5D mkII for a spin for a weekend. I was sure I would fell in love with it but at the and I have rather mixed feelings.
The camera is a pleasure to use and I took many more photos that I would have with my SD14. It is just too easy! But to be honest I expected better image quality. The amount of noise in the shadows is just staggering. Quite likely I didn’t use the camera in the most optimal way but still, ISO 100 even underexposured one f-stop should be noiseless.

On the other hand quite often Sigma users are raving about ‘film like’ quality of their photos, the best colors and so on. I was able to get the same look I’m used to from my Sigma with very simple corrections in lightroom. Cannot complain about 5D colors at all.

(click any image for more and larger photos)

  1. should’ve bought a nikon!

    Carlo Monaghan · May 09, 2011
  2. nice mushrooms pawel

    Gary Sullivan · May 09, 2011
  3. I haven’t bought it …

    Pawel Olas · May 09, 2011

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