little people – classic tilt effect

Pawel Olas · October 29, 2012 · photography · 2 comments

A bunch more photos taken with my DIY tilt lens. This time classic use to get the miniature look.
Previous set of street photography is here.

here is what you need:

  • a lens for a camera with a bigger sensor then yours. In my case I used medium format bronica 50mm/2.8 ($150 on ebay)
  • a lens mount for your camera. Cheap Chinese macro extension rings ($8, yep not even ten bucks) work very well. You can use an old broken lens or cheap adapter for m42 etc.
  • something round, like a top of a coke bottle or a toy ball to make the ball socket.
    I tried a buch of different shapes to find the right size for the socket. As the lens comes from a bigger camera with longer flange distance there is a bit of space for the joint but not too much. If you make it too thick then you will loose ability to focus to the infinity. A toy plastic ball fit my lens quite well but it was way too soft to use. I ended up using it as a form to make more sturdy resin+fibreglass joint. If you have something hard in the right shape you can use it instead of making one. As this is a prototype I only taped the socket to the lens (unfortunately didn’t have black tape). To hold everything together I used a piece of rubber glove, taped on both sides to the lens and to the mount. Looks dodgy but works quite well.
    Here are profesional conversion done by Maciek. He uses shower heads to do it. Quite ingenious :-). Link

    1. Hi, very nice tilt shift photos… I will try it with my Zenith 50mm objective. Do you think it work with Samsung NX200 camera?

      Martin · March 01, 2013
    2. hey Martin.
      it sure will. it will be easier to mount as you have more room between lens and the camera body for the connector.

      Pawel · March 02, 2013

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