Church of the Good Shepherd

Pawel Olas · February 06, 2014 · photography · 2 comments

The first evening in New Zealand welcomed us with a spectacular and slightly bizarre sunset at like Tekapo. It was a feast to the eyes with myriad of colours everywhere. I had to desaturate this photo to get it out of a fairy land and it still doesn’t look believable… no wonder this iconic place is one of the most photographed on the south island.
Our three campervans visible in the distance :-)

  1. it is a pity that the picture doesn’t show…
    But it looks very beautiful in the thumbnail!

    Jacqueline · February 28, 2014
  2. Scheduled maintenenance on the server i host my photos :-(. Should be over soon.

    Pawel · February 28, 2014

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