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Pawel Olas · October 06, 2011 · NF · 1 comments

At the time I write this none of the Adobe products can properly read SD15 raw files. Luckily they support DP1s which is more or less the same hardware (AFE etc). With a fair bit of help from Roland and Arvo I came up with a way to convert SD15 files to a special DP1s format. By “special” I mean modified in a way that preserves highlights and gives good results in ACR. Most likely SPP will not read it properly. The current solution is set up for the daylight white balance (or similar).

here is a package that contains all you need:
you can use it to convert a single file or a whole folder:

>SD15_process_single.bat "c:\path\to\file\SDIM0343.X3F"
>SD15_process_folder.bat "c:\path\to_folder"

Files converted that way have a whole bunch of information missing (like lens, iso etc) as I primarily focused on getting the image part working. I might fix it one day but I just hope that meantime we get proper support from Adobe and this is only intermediate solution.

I also built a profile based on converted file (using Macbeth chart and Adobe DNG Profile Editor). With the above method I only update RAW data and the color transformation matrices in the file are left from DP1s. They are close as the hardware is very similar but not exactly the same. The profile makes sure that all the colors are spot on.

here is the profile created for my SD15: DP1S sd15 hack 002.dcp

and examples (left SD15 in lightroom, right hacked and profiled SD15 in lightroom):

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  1. great article, thank you.

    andy · May 23, 2013

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