red, red everywhere…

Pawel Olas · October 21, 2015 · photography · 0 comments

The central Australia is simply breathtaking. We were all stunned by the myriad of colours and variety of plants. Over the first few days we photographed everything, we thought that every photo was a keeper – “the ground is red! you cannot go wrong with that”. Of course I ended with almost no usable photos. After coming back I looked at the photos in lightroom and had no idea why I took them or what I was thinking at the time. Well… less work processing them.

This one is one of my favourites from the entire trip. We got there after sunset and it was already getting dark. We thought we were too late…
A lonely figure of my friend shows the scale.
The most magical time was a few minutes after sunset. No harsh shadows and just pure colours. Enjoying warm sand in a “river”.
A little model posing :-)
Rocks, big and small, in crazy shapes and colours

bouncy, bouncy light
Bloody photographers everywhere ;-)

pure and simple sunsets
Every place is a playground :-)

This was the first part of our trip around Alice Springs. Trephina Gorge, Stanley Chasm, Simpsons Gap and Serpentines Gorge. Stay tuned for the part 2!

more photos available in a gallery:

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