kings canyon and uluru

Pawel Olas · November 02, 2015 · photography · 0 comments

After visiting Alice Springs we went south to explore the famous Uluru and Kings Canyon. We didn’t know what to expect and we weren’t prepared for that alien landscape. Part One of the trip is here.

This is what most of the rim walk around Kings Canyon looks like. It is a maze of rocks that overwhelms with details and colours like everything else in that part of Australia. It is not big, it is not Grand Canyon but it is very beautiful and different.

A puny human overwhelmed by the nature
iphone panorama to the rescue (when none of the lenses are wide enough)
inside the canyon
Hanya still fresh before 7km rim walk :-)

finally the destination of our trip – Uluru. Again iphone panorama proves quite useful :-)
sky so blue I had to desaturate it and it still looks fake…
I wish I could see it one day with water flowing over those gorgeous curves
The passion runs in genes

At this stage of the trip I had a little ‘iphone panorama’ obsession
soft light before sunset. not red enough yet :-)
and then it came. I know – the classic. Like millions other photos. Like a few dozens shot by people around me on that day. Still we all clicked the shutter button. I tried to be different and shot variations of the topic but this mountain wants to be presented this way so I caved in and here it is.
and the the Olgas. Those little bumps are very deceiving. They look like nothing at all but in fact are 500 meters tall monsters. There is no way to show their scale. People are too small next to them to resolve as pixels…

Hanya resting in a shade dimple of Uluru
and sunset with the Olgas in the distance. The blue haze gave an amazing contrast to the red sunset.

more photos:

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