wollangambe adventure

Pawel Olas · August 17, 2017 · video · 0 comments

This magical place in Wollemi NP was on my todo list for a decade. Every year something happened that forced me to postpone the trip. Finally all the stars aligned the right way and the trip happened. One cold and drizzly morning we all dressed in thick steamers and floated down the river. The place is as glorious as I imagined. We spent a very long day scrambling and swimming and exploring the endless canyons of wollangambe river. The water level was pretty high and the current quite swift allowing us to ride the rappids and speed our progress. A very joyful day. 

I was surprised how well a cheap water proof camera bag worked in that environment. A lot of the time the camera was just floating, tethered, next to me. I gave up trying to hold it out of the water after an hour or so :-). I wish I had a proper water housing as the bag got into a bunch of shots and made them completely useless but overall, when used with care, did the job. 

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